What is the city of Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a city where nobody turns their head if Rolls Royce passes. Nobody stops to take a picture with a Ferrari. At the same time nobody cares if you drive a 30 year old car in one of the fanciest neighbourhoods in the world like Beverly Hills. Nobody cares if you don't have a place where to sleep and you decide to put your tent just 10 meters from ...

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Challenge yourself!

Do something what you are afraid to do. Do something what you know that you can do but haven't had courage to do it so far. I promise if you do that everything else comes easier. I did something and will write about it very soon. I feel like I've learned a lot in all aspects of life. Think about it just for a moment. How does 100 cold calls a ...

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how to get what you have never had before

How to get what you’ve never had before?

There are times in our lives when we all think about it. Most of us want to accomplish something. Big or small... doesn't matter. We all have dreams. Doesn't really matter where exactly we want to be or end up. The process how to achieve it is all the same! I'll give you some examples. To live somewhere you've never lived before, to work where you have never worked before ...

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Do you really need to find a perfect product or service for your business?

Quick thought... I had opportunity to help my most dearest friend and partner today. While doing it - it clicked. I'll give you some good thoughts... She had to do a research for school what would determine her suitability as a sales manager. Looks like even before the research she already knew the answers. There was even a test somewhere where you could actually answer some questions and see where do you ...

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Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth

What is your value?

Have you ever thought about it? Most of the people never think about it. Their value goes up and down like a boat with no captain on the stormy sea what’s just flying around. They have no control over it. What I’ve understood is that your value comes down only to you. Only you can give yourself a value - lift it or destroy it. Nobody else! Few days ago ...

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When you finally get it!

Get what? Quick thought... It takes time... Some people get it in their twenties, some in their forties but they all get it in one point of their life. I was lucky and got it quite early. On that point they realize that they have been ashamed, affected and not lived their life fully like they wanted it to be. That's the reason why most grown ups tell younger people "Yes of ...

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Why To Do What You Want?

This is the day. The first day of my digital life - the day when I start tracking and writing about my life, beliefs and point of views. I hope you get some value of it. Why I do this? I used to think that there's not much of a writer in me. And they say you get what you're thinking about. Looks like that worked out well. But I ...

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