50 Businesses What You Can Start From Home Without Any Special Skills

Did you know that 54% of small businesses are actually home-based? Well, according to the Business Insider they are, and more than half of them are owned and operated by one person. It is no secret that every single day, lots of people are looking for more ways to make money and earn a much more decent living. This has actually become a global trend. People are constantly thinking about ...

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How You Failed In School And How You Can Fix It

Read How You Failed In School And How You Can Fix It Today

It is no doubt that school was invented to basically prepare us for a good life ahead. The intended goal of this tedious journey, lasting longer than 12 years, is to make us succeed both economically and socially. However, how true is that today? Are the most successful people always the most educated? Are they? Schools, Broken Hearts and Broken Promises “You are all going to do great things in life!” You ...

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What's the Right Mindset to Build a Business Without Money?

What’s the Right Mindset to Build a Business Without Money?

You probably came across this article because you are wondering what's the right mindset to build a business without money? Don't worry we have you covered. In this blog post we'll cover all the details you need to know. How many times have you thought about starting up your own business? Sadly, some people quit before they even begin. Well, most people find themselves in a situation where they are interested ...

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My Two Mistakes With My First E-commerce Business

My Two Mistakes With My First E-commerce Business

Starting a business is difficult and keeping it running is even more difficult. But once you have started a business and are trying to keep it running then it feels like you can start any business. The key is to find a profitable way to keep it running. That's were most people fail. And thats were I have failed to. What Are My Biggest Mistakes With My First E-Commerce Business? I did ...

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How much money can you make with Amazon FBA

How Much Money Can You Make With Amazon FBA?

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace what has ever existed and probably will stay so for a while. Never in the human history have regular people had the opportunity to benefit from something like that. Imagine if you'd get your product on the shelves of Walmart, Tesco or Target. What would happen to your business? It's crazy... Amazon's revenue in 2016 was 136 billion dollars. Just take a look at the ...

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How to make money with Amazon FBA

How To Make Money With Amazon FBA?

There's too much junk online today about "How to make money on Amazon FBA." There's so much information that if your start consuming it all then most people get lost and never start their successful online business. What I've learnt that the less you listen to people then more you succeed in life. Exactly the same goes when building your first Amazon FBA business. You need to listen to the ...

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Right mindset for running for entrepreneurs

Right Mindset For Running For Entrepreneurs

Today I went for a run and as always I got tired and it was hard to continue. As always at that state of mind I start thinking about ways to keep on going. What happened this time? Suddenly it clicked... I said to myself "Don't take running like training your body, take it like training your mind to keep on going to achieve all your goals and dreams. Never stop." So I kept ...

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How and why to save your time

How And Why To Save Your Time

Thursday morning, I am sitting in my office. Thinking about my future, opportunities and trying to figure out how to make right decisions for my life and my purpose. It’s hard... My intuition says one thing but at the same time I want to stick with another thing. Really don’t know what to do… When I look at my previous experiences about deciding things then intuition always won. I hope ...

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why to leave overseas

Why to live overseas for a while

I have taken a leap of faith many times in my life and just left everything because something in my head said I just need to go somewhere else and re-invente myself. I believe many of us have felt the same way but a very small percentage of people actually act on their intuition. Sometimes when I get these thoughts I am trying to understand if it's my intuition or ...

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