When bullets start flying

When bullets start flying!

I've been in Los Angeles for almost six months. I've met a lot of interesting people here. For example I met a guy today at Venice beach who I've seen at least 10 times running pass me but today he stopped for conversation and one thing captured me... He said "In a place like this you never grow old". That's one of these moments what I'll always remember. I have ...

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Really pushing yourself

Really pushing yourself…

Got some good thoughts about it today and I am going to share my thoughts through my own experience what I mean by "really pushing yourself". What I mean by that? In life you get to a point when you really really have to push yourself and really have to do whatever it takes to get what you want and to be where you want to be. Most of the people who ...

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Do you really need to find a perfect product or service for your business?

Quick thought... I had opportunity to help my most dearest friend and partner today. While doing it - it clicked. I'll give you some good thoughts... She had to do a research for school what would determine her suitability as a sales manager. Looks like even before the research she already knew the answers. There was even a test somewhere where you could actually answer some questions and see where do you ...

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