Why to save your time

Why to save your time?

Thursday morning, I am sitting in my office. Thinking about my future, opportunities and trying to figure out how to make right decisions for my life and my purpose. It’s hard... My intuition says one thing but at the same time I want to stick with another thing. Really don’t know what to do… When I look at my previous experiences about deciding things then intuition always won. I hope ...

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When bullets start flying

When bullets start flying!

I've been in Los Angeles for almost six months. I've met a lot of interesting people here. For example I met a guy today at Venice beach who I've seen at least 10 times running pass me but today he stopped for conversation and one thing captured me... He said "In a place like this you never grow old". That's one of these moments what I'll always remember. I have ...

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30 days as vegetarian

30 days as a vegetarian!

Today I am writing about something totally different... I challenge myself to be healthier and to live a better lifestyle. Why I am writing about it is because I believe "How you do anything is how you do everything" I decided to be a vegetarian for a month. I've always thought about it but never really started. So I decided that few days ago in the kitchen eating dinner with my girlfriend. ...

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Really pushing yourself

Really pushing yourself…

Got some good thoughts about it today and I am going to share my thoughts through my own experience what I mean by "really pushing yourself". What I mean by that? In life you get to a point when you really really have to push yourself and really have to do whatever it takes to get what you want and to be where you want to be. Most of the people who ...

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What is the city of Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a city where nobody turns their head if Rolls Royce passes. Nobody stops to take a picture with a Ferrari. At the same time nobody cares if you drive a 30 year old car in one of the fanciest neighbourhoods in the world like Beverly Hills. Nobody cares if you don't have a place where to sleep and you decide to put your tent just 10 meters from ...

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