How and why to save your time

How And Why To Save Your Time

Thursday morning, I am sitting in my office. Thinking about my future, opportunities and trying to figure out how to make right decisions for my life and my purpose. It’s hard… My intuition says one thing but at the same time I want to stick with another thing. Really don’t know what to do… When I look at my previous experiences about deciding things then intuition always won. I hope I’ll figure it out. I am sure that I am achieving all my goals and dreams. If I quit something then it’s only because I didn’t feel like doing it with that team, plan or some other reason. It’s not because I gave up. It’s like I am holding a bow and shooting arrows. I know what’s my target, I just have to have the right arrows and if I am in a team then I need to make sure that my team is giving me the right arrows that I deserve to hit my target. When decisions like these come into your life you need to leave emotions behind and make a decision what’s best for you. I believe that you can only do one thing at one time. I don’t wanna say that you can only do one thing at all. What I mean is that you have only one moment of that time where you are at this moment – year, month, day, hour, second… and you can only do one thing at that time. Even if you are saying that you are doing two things then it really means you are doing one thing at that time when you are doing it. I am talking about milliseconds and you are never getting that millisecond back. You can only once be in that moment where you are right now. If you make every millisecond count then looking back years later your whole life counted.

Be wise and choose your time wisely.

I hope you got some value.

Have a great day,

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