How much money can you make with Amazon FBA

How Much Money Can You Make With Amazon FBA?

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace what has ever existed and probably will stay so for a while. Never in the human history have regular people had the opportunity to benefit from something like that. Imagine if you’d get your product on the shelves of Walmart, Tesco or Target. What would happen to your business? It’s crazy…

Amazon’s revenue in 2016 was 136 billion dollars. Just take a look at the graph below and you’ll see where this business model is going. Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 22.47.46.png

Today you have an opportunity to be part of that. And you can start everything sitting on your comfortable couch at home while having a cup of coffee.

Some facts about Amazon:

  • Amazon was founded on July 5th, 1994 by Jeff Bezos;
  • Today Jeff Bezos is one of the richest people alive with estimated net worth of  83 billion USD;
  • On Amazon Prime day on 2016 Amazon sold 636 items per second across the world;
  • Currently Amazon sells in Mexico, USA, India, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, Denmark and Canada;
  • Amazon has 109 fulfillment centres and is growing every year;
  • Amazon has buying customers in 180 countries;
  • More than 30 listing categories globally;
  • Amazon owns 10% of North American E-Commerce. Office Depot, Stapes, Apple, Dell, Walmart, Sears, and Liberty all own another 10 percent of the market, the same size as Amazon. That leaves 1,000+ retailers to all fight for the remaining 80 percent.

Now you should get the point that I am talking about a serious business here.

So how much money can I make with Amazon?

On the previous post I talked about “How To Make Money With Amazon” if you haven’t already read that then make sure to do it.

I talked about the tool called Jungle Scout. It’s a must-have tool to grow your Amazon business. It’s a tool what you can use to research products on Amazon and see the estimated sales per month. So if you use that you can see exactly how much are the products selling per month what you are considering to sell. If you use that then you know how much money can you possibly make.

If you haven’t already got yourself that tool then get it here. Get the google chrome extensions. If you start out then lite version is OK for the start.


Get the lite or pro version of google chrome extension. Go to products and click – The Chrome Extension.

I’ll bring some examples:

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 21.02.20.png

It’s a kitchen knives set. I took this screenshot with Jungle Scout. It’s the first search page on Amazon. Some products are selling even 300k a month with a singe item. That might mean around 100k net profit per month for a single product. Most of the sellers have more than one product on Amazon.

I’ll bring another example:

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 21.07.17.png

It’s a kitchen pots and pans set. You can see again that some sellers are really killing it and there’s plenty of sellers who are selling over 10k a month.


When it comes to selling on Amazon and how much money can you make with Amazon then sky is the limit. The examples what I showed here are not typical and are the results of hard work and dedication. You can easily make an extra $1000-$5000 a month in categories where is less competition and still have room for new sellers. If you haven’t already read the article where I talk about “How to make money with Amazon FBA” then click here. There I talk in more details on how to find the right products what to sell on Amazon and how to get started in generally.

Don’t forget to get the Jungle Scout google chrome extension to find the right products what to sell on Amazon.

If you want to get started selling on Amazon then I highly recommend to get my free Amazon FBA case study here:

FREE Case study

All the best in building your business and let me know if you have any questions.

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