How to get coaching for free

How to get 1000$ a hour private coaching for free?

I had a privilege to get it! How did it happen? I’ll give you a brief overview and some thoughts.

I have signed up quite few coaches and mentors newsletters to follow them and keep my mind sharp. But as we all know sometimes there’s just too many emails in our inbox and we can’t follow them all. This time something clicked and I opened an email and it said “Become bulletproof! How to make your mindset bulletproof?” Live webinar started in few days so I signed up for it. I have signed up for his webinars before as well but because of time difference it was quite hard to follow. Now that I live in Los Angeles it was much easier.

The start…

Before the webinar everybody had a chance to apply for a free private coaching online. There was a demand. That only people who take it really seriously can apply for that and after the webinar they’re going to pick some people who get it. Because there’s no need to waste each others time. I wrote them what I am doing and why I am doing it and I got it!

First webinar…

I’ll give you some highlights. Funny thing happened during the webinar. One guy asked “Is there a reply?” Sullivan answered “If you are looking for replays then this is not a place for you. People who really want to make it happen don’t go for replays. We need people who hold extreme focus!” Another one “How can I drive more traffic to my website?” Answer “What is your favorite book about driving traffic to your website?” If you don’t have an answer it means you are not taking it seriously enough. Some people act like they’re in grown up kindergarten doing business.

So where I am pointing… If you really want it bad as you say you want it. Then you know all these answers for your questions yourself. People can guide you. Nobody can do it for you. Library card is free. Internet is free. Now you’re starting an online business and you want to drive traffic to your website and you don’t even have a favorite internet marketing book? Makes no sense! Would you buy a service from someone like this?

Private coaching with Kerry Sullivan…

Best tips what I got. If you work in sales then you have to be bold, outrageous and do everything with 10x… You have to accept that it might take 10x more money and time to get your business going. If you know it then you’re putting 10x more effort in it and you are getting results much faster. You have to be humiliated, sweating and working hard to overcome that barrier what is holding you back in sales and in life. No surprise why most people don’t make it because you need to step out of your comfort zone. Not once. Everyday!

Met a guy who said he’s a sales professional and has done it all his life. I asked: “How much commission do you get per sale?” Answer was: “I get paid hourly”. You are not a sales professional if you are getting paid hourly. People who really do it are the ones who go out there and make it happen. With that same attitude you can say that a cashier in McDonalds is also a sales professional. Maybe the cashier even sees himself as a sales professional but when you but them out there it’s a different story. Comfort zone is gone because you have to approach people now! Imagine just for a second selling burgers on the streets directly to customers… You are looking for people who would buy your burgers now – not just collecting money as a cashier! It’s a different story… It all starts with right mindset. Why would you do something what you know that it’s not for you? Right mindset leads to right attitude and right attitude leads to right actions. If you are getting paid hourly in sales then you know what your mindset is! Create a mindset what makes you want to break records!

How I got that coaching? The way I see it…. it was all my previous experience in life. All these holes where I’ve fallen and climbed out one after another gave me the answers to write on that application. Experience, experience and once more experience!

Temporary defeat doesn’t lead to failure because your goal is so big that a small goal what you didn’t hit means nothing to you” Tellman H. Knudson

Thank you for reading,

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