How To Get Back On Track When You Have Fucked Up In Life

How To Get Back On Track When You Have Fucked Up In Life

I believe that many of us or it’s even better to say that most of us fuck up in life in our 20s. Life is about making choices and facing your fears. I believe that these two are exactly the same things.

It’s funny… When you are in your early 20s and having trouble then you feel like you have fucked up. At least for me it was like that… Why we get that feeling? I believe that there are many reasons for that.

Most of my friends had secure jobs and money

I had nothing – no money or a job. All I had was a huge debt to carry and monthly payments to make. My friends were taking holidays and buying apartments to settle. There were many times when I said “No I have something else to do. I can’t come.” But honestly I just had no money to go. I am not talking about overseas holiday trip for a week. I mean just a night out. And these times just make you think WTF am I doing with my life at the moment…

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve lived overseas many years in my life but that doesn’t mean I was there on a holiday. I was absolutely nobody trying to make my way in life.

I remember watching youtube videos about mentors. When I watched these videos I visualized that person is sitting just next to me and talking face to face to me.

The biggest thing I’ve learned when I went through hell in my life

“When building a business then time is your biggest friend”

I wish it was as easy as it is to read it. When you’re in a moment when you have to choose if you pay your rent, loan, taxes or buy food then that quote doesn’t really help you much. You are in a shit situation.

At these moments every night I sat in my room with my headphones on and visualized my future and tried to think about positive things.

Eric Thomas says “Some things you just have to out last in your life”

Now I can say it’s 100% true. It’s simple as that. These sayings have made a huge difference in my life. When I am saying that “Time is your biggest friend”. Listen it took me 5 years to get my life in order and find my way out.

So be careful. People don’t realise that if you make one bad decision it can take few years to recover. You make another bad decision and it takes you even more. Be really wise and surround yourself with right people. If you don’t have the right people then be by yourself.

Looking back on all these years and lessons learnt. There’s no better way to learn in life than through massive failures. But you can say that about anything. Wouldn’t it be better to do the right thing right away?

When you’re in shit to your neck then remember to keep your head up.


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