How to live unlimited life

How To Live Unlimited Life?

Unlimited life… what an interesting saying. What does it mean? I guess it has a different meaning for everyone. For me me it means living in a world where you can do whatever you want, wherever you want and with whoever you want. That’s what I call unlimited life.

To live a life like that then first you need to have an unlimited mind. You need to be open and closed at the same time. Forget the rubbish what’s on TV, radio and what they taught you in school. You’ll live life on your own terms! Take advice only from people who are living an unlimited life. Most of the times it even means not taking advice from your friends. You need to trust yourself.

What you need to do with your life?

You need to give full control of your life to yourself! It sounds so ridiculous that it’s even weird to write it. So what it means? It means living life on your own terms. Creating a business, selling door to door, moving overseas or whatever you want to do. I means that you’ll do whatever it takes to live an unlimited life. Yes… you’ll probably end up in debt, frustrated and thinking that your going to lose your mind.

What not to do?

Don’t have a plan where you work until the rest of your life for someone else! Don’t get me wrong… There’s nothing wrong with working for someone else to pay the bills and work on your side project at the same time. My advice… Don’t get a job and end up in debt. When your in a situation like that then you need to be creative and think differently than what the society has taught you. You’ll learn things what you can only learn when you are in that situation.

“You’ll never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

The secret is…

Once you get to the point when you have your first wins then you realize that you were living unlimited life all the time. Yes, you didn’t have much money, car or whatever you thought you wanted but you were doing things you really desired and wanted to do. It’s all about the process. Once you trust the process your whole life is going to change.

I’d like to know your thoughts about that. Let me know in the comments.


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