Where to spend your money

Nr 1 Thing Where You Can Spend Your Money

Simple short post to share my thoughts on that…

I sold my business what I built from scratch in LA. The only reason I sold it was to get capital and scale big. I started it by selling door to door without any money at all. It was the hardest time of my life. After that small victory I thought I needed to celebrate it somehow. I was thinking about buying an expensive watch because thats something what I’ve always wanted. Another idea was to travel to Maldives and have an awesome holiday there before returning back home for summer. But still that’s not something what I really wanted to do… These things never give me the inspiration and drive to climb even higher.

I decided to celebrate it in totally different way. Nine years ago my mum bought me plane tickets to Thailand so I could come here and train muay thai. I gave here a Skype call and said that I am buying you tickets so you can come to Thailand and spend an awesome holiday with us here for 11 days before we come home. All on me. I rented a kick ass apartment and here we are. Two days later she was here and is having time of her life at the moment.

That’s the place where you should spend your money. Take care your family and close ones. Don’t buy a stupid watch or any other dumb stuff.

Take care,

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