How You Failed In School And How You Can Fix It

Read How You Failed In School And How You Can Fix It Today

It is no doubt that school was invented to basically prepare us for a good life ahead. The intended goal of this tedious journey, lasting longer than 12 years, is to make us succeed both economically and socially. However, how true is that today? Are the most successful people always the most educated? Are they?

Schools, Broken Hearts and Broken Promises

“You are all going to do great things in life!” You have probably heard this being said during graduations. Have you ever wondered why they say it? And do they really mean it? There can only be one reason; they are totally convinced that the skills and knowledge acquired in school over the past 12 or more years are going to make your life great. 

If you can remember the excitement you had when you first got your diploma, then you can also recall how everybody was so proud of you! For most people and their families, this marks the beginning of a promising future. Colourful and ripe with big dreams. A life of contentment and zero hustles. A great life marked with nothing less than success. What does that even mean?! Perhaps the only reason they should be proud of you is the fact that you actually lasted for 12 years in school. 

Sadly though, just a few years after school, most people realize that this is not all true. Most people are often disappointed because their expectations are not met. Despite all the time and money invested in schools, most people still end up unfulfilled.

So What Happened To All The Big Dreams?

Modern Slavery

School, at least for me, gave the impression that one has to get good grades first, graduate, and then apply for jobs and wait to be employed. As a matter of fact, I totally agree that schools, as we know them, have been largely tailored to create people who will be employed all their lives, up until they retire. This is more enslaving than it may seem. Well, it might work for some people but even these people would like to have a little some more time and money. I am not talking about being a millionaire. I am talking about making extra 500, 1000 or 3000 dollars a month more. Each and every single month!

Thinking of Getting a Second Job?

When asked about what they would like to change in their lives, quite often, most people agree that they would like to have some more time off and more money as well. More and more people are taking up multiple jobs now as compared to the last years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These 2-job and 3-job holders work throughout the week and barely have time for themselves or even for their families. All this work in an effort to pay bills, loans and basically make all ends meet.

Now, think back – Did you learn about time and money in school?
I bet you did not!

How You Failed In School And How You Can Fix It

Times have really changed, and school programs should be revised in order to meet the needs of today’s fast-moving, tech-savvy and hyper-connected life. In a society that is constantly evolving, schools should be keen on programs that will bring the best out of people, changing their mindsets and empowering them for the economy of our time. Whether you dropped out of school, whether you failed while in school or passed, today’s society is full of promises that will literally change your life.

To change the course of your life you need to learn things. If you haven’t learned already how to get some more time and money then it’s time to do that now. It’s time to learn what’s automated income.

What Is An Automated Income?

An automated income is a type of income that generates cash 24/7, all year round. Whether you choose to sleep for weeks, or work, your income will still be trickling into your account effortlessly. Now most people say “Ahh, that’s not possible. It’s a scam. I don’t believe it… etc” Believe it or not, it is possible and there are people out there who are earning money this way every single month. I’ve personally seen many people doing it while travelling across the world for almost an entire decade. Each time I saw it, I was inspired and equally challenged.

Nowadays, there are plenty of business models that you can use to create that kind of income. Lucky for you, it’s been simplified. You don’t need to open a shop, caffe, bakery, car wash, walk someone’s dog or anything of that sort. That’s a little old school now. In a forward-moving society, you can easily start making money online and there are very many ways to do it. For example, selling on Amazon FBA, Shopify, Affiliate marketing or drop shipping, just to mention a few.

Don’t Get In The Trap Of Thinking

A lot of people are great thinkers and planners but they really never achieve anything. These people can easily invest their great minds into a hustle-free lifetime of automated income. Sadly though, a lot of time is spent watching a lot of motivational videos and sharing inspirational quotes instead of getting the actual work done. 

Success could be as simple as doing the right thing at the right time and learning from the right people. That’s basically identifying opportunities that will work to your advantage. 

The good thing is that you don’t need 3 years to learn this. You can change your life today by focusing on the right things. Focus on activities that bring results and nothing less. Do that consistently for a year or two and change how you experience life. 

All it takes is one decision. If you don’t start then nothing changes. 

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