Running Up Hill Vs Running a Business

I’ll share a quick thought what I discovered when I was doing one of the hardest runs in my life.

Two months ago I moved to an apartment what is just beside the biggest hill here in Phuket – on big Buddha road. The reason I moved there is because then I can easily train and run up that hill. Its about 13km to the top and back. I never ran that before.  It’s really hard. A lot of muay thai and other fitness enthusiasts run that track.

Running up that hill is that hard that after two months while I’ve been here I haven’t been able to run the whole road to the top and back. Like facing any other obstacle in life and business I’ve always searched for a solution online. I did the same this time. I googled “How to run up hill”.

I got a lot of tips:

  • Hold your back straight
  • Don’t bend forward
  • Try to stretch your legs while running
  • How to train for up hill running

I got my tips and went for another run. 

What happened?

I started running and got to the hardest point where is just 2 km on a wide angle up that hill. My legs were burning, I was pouring water on myself, every ounce of my body wanted to quit. I tried to remember the tips and apply them. I did that and it was still hard. I kept on going. Then it clicked. It’s exactly the same in business and life as it is when you are applying these lessons what I found online this time. 

Doesn’t matter how much you read about running up hill etc.


My legs were burning, every once of my body wanted to quit. I said to myself if you quit now before the hardest part then you’ll never achieve any of your goals in life. I couldn’t quit because I said that to myself. Keep on going. Doesn’t matter if it burns and hurts. Keep going. I kept on going. No book or mentor can do that running for you. You have to climb that hill. These book are made just to give you few tips. You have to find that motivation what keeps you going.

Lesson learned

You have to run up that hill in life, in business and in the mountains. Nobody can help you. People can give you tips but you have to do the training and learn the lessons on the way. 

I hope you got some value.

Take care,

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