50 Businesses What You Can Start From Home Without Any Special Skills

Did you know that 54% of small businesses are actually home-based? Well, according to the Business Insider they are, and more than half of them are owned and operated by one person. It is no secret that every single day, lots of people are looking for more ways to make money and earn a much more decent living. This has actually become a global trend. People are constantly thinking about ways in which to save money or simply cut down their expenses. 

The idea of starting a business from the convenience of your home without much capital has never been more popular than it is now. Whether you want to quit your current job or you just want something to do on the side, or even better, something to do full-time, there is something for everyone.

A lot of potential business-starters have the will but lack the ideas and courage to start their first businesses. Starting out, I had the same fears and hesitation. Ever since, I have become very passionate about business writing and I want to give the most practical guidance and inspiration needed to get started in business, get ahead and achieve the desired results hassle-free.  

No Talent, No Special Skills, No Problem

The most intriguing thing I find is that some people think you must have some sort of special skills or talent in order to successfully start a business. In today’s world, that doesn’t have to be the case as there is room for everyone, literally. Once you have a good attitude and a little resilience, then you’re ready to go. 

I am not going to write about businesses that are difficult to start like most folks do. For example, to be a tattoo artist, a massage therapist or a dance instructor, you definitely need some good skill set and perhaps even a little experience. What percentage of people who read these posts actually have those skills? Well, I don’t and to be honest I only know a few people who can do these things. 

Isn’t that a little too overrated? Out of your 10 friends, how many can actually draw tattoos? Or dance salsa? I can’t imagine myself sticking a needle into someone to make a tattoo, doing a massage and I am not the guy who would give you salsa lessons either. To be honest then I am not sure why people recommend these things assuming that a big number of us would actually do that.

All you need is an idea that excites you and that works for you. Something simple that can bring a difference and change how other people experience life. And that is it.

Every Great Company Started As a Small Business

Just before starting out my first business, I had no idea on what I should do. I remember having so many ideas; some practical, others equally hilarious. My Google history was nothing but random business ideas that came into my mind whenever they did. I used to discuss some of these ideas with my friends and family who had almost no experience at all in business. I wanted to start somewhere and grow progressively from there. 

Surprisingly, when I started sharing some of my ideas, I received positive feedback from some of the people. They challenged me to do it, to go for it without a doubt! But what did they actually know? They probably just wanted to encourage me to get started as getting started is the biggest step one can make. I want to do the same for you. I want to encourage you to get started today, stop overthinking and take the leap of faith. All the great companies you know today started out as small businesses. What you do determines what becomes of your small business ideas. 

This is going to be quite a long list. The ideas herein are very practical and you will definitely find something that could work for you. I spent a good amount of time putting it all together. If you are going through it then remember one thing; you don’t need to know everything about the businesses that I mention below. The key is to outsource most of the things you don’t know – that’s the secret. Hire people who can do better than you once you have a solid plan and a reasonable client base. 

What Are The 50 Businesses What You Can Start From Home?

I have categorized these businesses into two different sections. The ones what you can start from your laptop and the ones what you need to do offline.

Online Businesses What You Can Start From Home

1. Amazon Private Labeling 

Amazon has changed how business is done today. With over 310 million active customers, there are endless opportunities for pretty much every seller on Amazon. You can start by selling your own products without requiring any special skills. All you need is a physical address and a few dollars and you can start making money almost right away. Read more details on this complete step-by-step guide here “How to make money with Amazon FBA

2. Amazon White Labeling 

Alternatively, you can start selling other people’s products on Amazon. This will require you to contact a manufacturer or retailer and ask for their permission to resell their goods. Once you have their permission, then you can go ahead and market the goods and resell them online on the already established Amazon network.

3. Amazon and eBay Drop Shipping 

You can sell other products on Amazon and eBay that are shipped directly to your client from the manufacturer or the reseller. By marketing your products on both Amazon and Ebay, you have the potential of reaching 500 million active customers in total. All you have to do is market the products and act as a link between the manufacturers and the customers. Sounds good, huh!

4. Retail Arbitrage 

Sell goods that you buy from garage sells and flea markets on Amazon and eBay. Most garage sells have really good items at a throw away price. Some of these goods are unique and by reselling them online at a higher price, you can make good profits. Take garage sales to the next level by sourcing your goods from there.

5. Social Media Management

How many hours a week do you spend on social media? If you’re spending time on facebook, Instagram or Google+, you might as well start making money while at it. As you very well know, all businesses are now creating an online presence to market their products and services to reach more people. Start learning social media management and offer that service to small businesses and even big ones as time goes by. 

6. SEO Services

Search engine optimization has become particularly necessary for webpages as more and more content is added to the web. It is very important as it improves the ranking of websites on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. You can easily learn how to do it in and offer this service to websites as a freelancer from the comfort of your home. With 645 million active websites, you can never run out of clients.

7. Freelance Writer 

There is inexhaustible demand for freelance writers today. With everything being shared on the web these days, people are constantly looking for people to write and share content. These include personal blogs, business websites, news houses, eBooks, institutions and organizations websites among others. You may want to look up websites such as Freelancer.com and Iwriter for starters.

8. Virtual Assistant 

Starting your own Virtual assistant business at home is as easy as it sounds. With good communication and time-management skills, you can offer your services as a virtual assistant to more than one client where you manage relatively small tasks such as scheduling, replying to emails, shopping, making phone calls among others.

9. Start a Shopify store

Shopify has demystified creating online stores for small businesses. It is very easy to start, fast and secure. It is also mobile-friendly allowing your potential customers to look at your products and shop from the apps in their phones. You can start selling your own products or any other without a hassle.

10. Affiliate marketing 

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways of making passive income. Learn the tricks and get paid for marketing and directing traffic and sales to an online retailer. You can use social media or your own website for affiliate marketing.

11. Flipping domains

According to GoDaddy, buying a domain name from someone that already registered it is always in thousands of dollars averagely. Apparently, the highest sold domain, Cars.com, was valued at a whopping $872 million! Spend some time in the domain market and learn a few tricks on buying and reselling domains for profit. Get inspiration for this at GoDaddy Aftermarket as well as GoDaddy Auction

12. Buying and Reselling Websites

Just like flipping domains, buying and reselling websites can be quite the goldmine. You can buy websites, develop them and make them more profitable and then resell them at a much higher price. Empire Flippers is one of the leading platforms for that. 

13. Merch by Amazon

This is specific for developers where branded t-shirts are made and sold by Amazon for you free of charge and the returns sent to you. This is a great way of promoting your brand whilst making money from home.

14. Starting a blog

Personal blogs, fashion blogs, business blogs or personal blogs. Whatever works for you, make money whilst writing about something you love. Learn how to increase traffic to your blog and make it profitable and you will be make easy money from your blog even whilst you sleep. It might take a while to get a good following, you need to be patient.

15. Selling digital products

Why not go all the way digital? You can sell ebooks, photos, videos, graphics, cards and even software online. Be creative about it and make a kill selling webinars, video tutorials, blog posts and even past-papers for students. Pick your take and go for it! 

16. Forex and Stock Trading

While forex and stock trading might seem like gambling for most people, some other people are literally living off it. If this interests you, consider learning a few tips and investing only the least amount of cash possible as a beginner. Sometimes even the experts themselves make losses, but they equally make considerable profit. 

17. Sell Your Own Photos Online

You can make money for just going everywhere with your camera, shutterbug. If you can’t stop taking photos, then don’t stop until you find a market for them online. Sites such as 500px Prime, Smugmug Pro and Shutterstock provide a great marketplace for your photos. They will sell your photos and give you a good percentage of the proceeds. Take advantage, will you?

18. Teaching or Coaching Business

Why not use what you’ve got to get what you have not? If you are good in Mathematics for example, you can sign up for a teacher account in some websites or simply market your teaching or coaching services online at a small fee. You will be surprised at how many people are actually constantly looking for a little help and guidance.

19. Start Your Own Youtube Channel

About 500 billion Youtube videos are watched every single day according to Youtube statistics. It is becoming the number one video destination for pretty much everything. By starting you own channel and getting at least 1000 views per video, you can make money every month from advertisers

20. Publish a How-to Guide’ eBook

At some point, we all look for guidance on how to do something, or how to fix something. You may want to take advantage of this, publish and sell eBooks to meet the needs of these people. How-to eBooks sell more easily that most eBooks as they are very specific to what the customer wants, they are short and easy to understand.

21. Publish Recipe Book

Cooking is an art, and we can never learn enough. There is always something new to learn. Get a collection of popular recipes or your favorite recipes, publish a book and share the recipes with the world while making money out of it.

22. Consulting Business

The idea of a consulting business is based on the fact that you are already good at something. For some people, it can be something as simple as an Amazon Consultant where you teach people how to make good sales on Amazon. You can be a social media marketing consultant, an eCommerce consultant or even a business plan consultant depending on your niche.

23. Create an audiobook 

If you can publish a book, then you can also create an audio for the same. Some people prefer audiobooks because they listen to the books whilst engaged in other activities such as driving or simply taking a shower. You can check out Amazon Audible ACX and venture into making money using your audiobooks.

24. Build websites for small businesses

Every day, businesses, institutions, organizations, governments and individuals are building websites for their endeavors. You can tap into this by designing and developing websites for these people as a freelancer. Like most freelancer jobs, there are websites such as freelancer.com that have these job listings. Building websites might sound a little more complicated than it actually is. For those who have no prior knowledge, it might only take you a month to learn from e-courses. I personally used Sololearn where it is completely simplified and is also free.

25. Proofreader

Do you have an eye for detail? Well, use your spare time to make money correcting spelling and grammatical errors, punctuation errors and formatting of content. You can find a good number websites open to hiring proofreaders.

26. Translation Service

Sadly, linguistic nuance cannot be comprehended even by the most highly rated translation software. Therefore, human services are still very much in demand. If you know a second language, this is something you could consider doing as a part-time gig.

27. Print on Demand (POD) Shop

This is definitely my new favorite thing. All you need to do is sign up on a POD website and then post and market your products to reach a broad market. It can be a book, a fine canvas art, posters, t-shirts, photos, mugs or simply pens. Once clients buy your products, they are then printed and shipped to them after you’re notified. The profits are then shared between you and the website.

28. Create How-to Video Tutorials on Youtube and Add Affiliate Link

Use Youtube to increase traffic to your affiliate website and make money from the referrals and sales thereafter.

29. Take Paid Surveys 

You can get paid simply by answering questions regarding products or services you have used before or are likely to use. Sign up for as many paid surveys as possible to make the most out of this. This might not buy you a car, but it might take care of small bills.

30. Influencer

You’re more likely to buy a product that was recommended to you by a friend than you are to buy a product you saw been advertised on TV. That’s why influencers have become popular and are now making good money out of it. One of the best ways of doing this is by becoming a social media influencer. Choose something you’re passionate about and constantly post on your page to get your followers engaged as you slowly become an influencer.

31. Start a Podcast

People have been making money from podcasts for the longest time from podcast sponsorships, affiliate marketing and increasing sales of their own products. You can easily start your own from the comfort of your home and talk about trending issues or things you’re passionate about or good at. You may even schedule for local celebrities or your role models to come to your podcasts occasionally to increase your audience.

The bottom line is that for online jobs, the opportunities for making money are only as limited as you want them to be. Use Fiverr and UpWork for inspiration. There are thousands of people around the world making money online and so should you. 

Simple Offline Businesses What You Can Start From Home

32. Pet care

Pets need grooming every once in a while. This involves clipping their claws, trimming their fur and even washing them. Why not offer to give these services when you can do it?

33. Dog Walking

Any large community with dogs is always going to need dog-walking services. Most busy people will pay animal-lovers just so they can walk their dogs a few times a week.

35. Personal Shopper

For some people, shopping can be a nightmare, a waste of time or both. By offering these services, you will be making extra money doing something you have always done. You can sign up as many clients as you want.

36. At-home Daycare

There might be regulations for this, but once you have the license and you love children, you can make money staying at home whilst taking care of children. You can make more money for watching them during off-peak hours for parents with irregular work-shifts.

36. Residential Cleaning Services

The need for cleaning services is inexhaustible. You can market your cleaning services and start from one homestead once a week, for example, to 6 homesteads a week. It is easy to start as it requires neither much skill nor much capital.

37. Multi-Level Marketing

Using your people skills, you can make good money from multi-level marketing, also known as networking. There is a lot of potential to be tapped here and by recruiting distributors to the company and by making direct sales of products, you will make money. 

38. Laundry Services

Why not start offering laundry services in the neighborhood and work from your home. Depending on how much you want this business to grow, you can limit the number of customers or not.

39. Lawn Care and Gardening

Cut grass or remove snow to keep the lawn looking good. You can couple this with gardening and make extra cash on the side.

40. Drive for Uber and Lift

You can use your spare time as an Uber and Lift driver. You can carry people in your route on your way to work or back.

41. Tour guide

If you live in a beautiful neighborhood, you can arrange for themed tours for your tourists at a fee as you guide them around. This can be a lot of fun as you will be making new friends and potential clients for your other businesses.

42. Delivery service

The hype of delivery services is not about to stop any time soon. Start your own delivery service business and make some bucks dropping off goods. You can even employ a few more people to help when the orders are too many. 

43. Real estate agent

On average, realtors make about $55,000 a year. You can work from home part time and schedule when to meet potential clients and show them the houses. It is much easier when it is around your neighborhood.

44. Teach English or any other language online

The world has become a small global village and people are learning new languages to make interactions easier. You can teach English or whatever other language you know to your clients from the comfort of your home at your convenience.

45. Start a home restaurant

A home restaurant is a very beautiful idea for lovers of cooking. People live to eat and with a good menu and marketing, you are likely to have more clients than you can host. You can also bake bread, cookies, cakes and pastries to supply in the neighborhood. The idea is to start small and smart and grow from there.

46. Flea market selling

You can rent space and start selling at a flea market in your locality. Stand out from the other sellers by advertising in advance, offering good rates and giving discounts to your regular customers. 

47. Car Wash and Cleaning

After buying some detergents, market your business. Starting with your friends and neighbors and have people bring their cars for cleaning and washing at your home. 

48. Personal Assistant

Are you a patient person? You can work part time as a personal assistant and the job can be quite flexible as long as you are a well-organized person and a forward-thinking planner.

49. Door-to-Door Direct sales

Most big companies started out by making door-to-door sales of their products. This is because it is a good entry point into the market. If your products are of good quality, you will easily make loyal customers. People prefer to have goods delivered to their doorsteps and door-to-door is pretty close.

50. Repackage and Sell Herbs and Spices

Brand your Herbs and Spices business and make sales. Buy organic local herbs and spices in bulk, dry them at home, repackage and sell them. You can and market them door-to-door deliver them to your clients in person.

Are You Still Wondering What Business To Start From Home?

I recommend that you get started on a business that is your own and that you’re passionate about even if you are working two jobs. Don’t be enslaved by work or business. Choose freedom. Start with something you enjoy and really want to do. Invest in a business that will eventually work 24/7 for you slowly bringing in passive income. You need to start making money online one way or another. Do not put all your eggs in one basket when you can put them in three. I hope you found the list to be useful and at least something that you can get started on. 

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“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

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