What I learned when I knocked on 1000 doors

What I learned when I knocked on 1000 doors?

My adventures here in Los Angeles have been a true roller coaster. I never believed or imagined it’s going to be like that. I never look at things like they’re hard to do. I like to say it’s challenging instead. But weird thing about me is that I like to challenge myself all the time. It takes only 1 second to ask „Can I do it?“ and I am going to do it… I look everything as an opportunity to grow as a person.

Anyways. What I wanted to say…

I started another business here in Los Angeles. I am not going into the details what it is exactly but the idea was to sell some products here in the streets and make some money with it. I bought the whole setup for the first market where we were supposed to go and paid the expensive rent for it as well.

When I got there I was so full of enthusiasm and energy and thought „ I am going to rock it and every single person in Los Angeles is going to buy my product!“ That was my goal. You can imagine the numbers in my head and vacations I already had planned.

Then it happen and I realised something after 3 hours out there. Our business is not going to make any money… We made a few bucks but that’s not the reason I went there. I even had guy working for me who got a sunburn and was knocked out the day after. At the end of the day I paid him and I was left with minus few hundred dollars. On that evening at home I remembered a video I watched few days ago where Puff Daddy was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Humanities and said „One day you’re going to end up in a situation when you’re going to say: What am I going to do now?“

That afternoon I didn’t want to talk to anyone online or offline. I was on the silent mode…

I started thinking what should I do next? How am I going to get some fast cash since I had spent all of my money on that…

I had one thing – I had the products! I remembered that some people do door to door sales. I’ve even thought about doing it myself but never had the reason to do it before. Just thought it would be a good way to learn and improve my English. I started reading and watching videos online how to do it. At that point I really needed money for my business. I didn’t have a chance to say „I don’t feel like doing it“. I wrote a script and printed it out on the same evening and walked around the neighbourhood to do few knocks on the doors. But I couldn’t. It was just too freaking hard. Went home and looked all these videos again and found a guy called Paul Shakuri. He got me to the point where I was able to push myself to start knocking. I know people who have done door to door sales and actually made some money with it. But they all work in the companies where they already had a proven system and products that people can actually make money on. I was left with my products, my system, my experience and Youtube training videos. Didn’t even know if I have the right products people want to buy.

I decided f… it. We’re going to knock on 1000 doors no matter what! Here’s the story what happened next…

We decided not to learn exact script and just be honest and share our story. By doing that you can’t forget what you want to say. First doors went pretty bad but we were just walking from door to door like a machine and holding our focus. Some people on the streets were looking „WTF are these guys doing!?“ We didn’t let that to bother us and just kept on going. We made our first sale at 54 door. I can say that’s the best $30 I’ve ever made in my life with my businesses. On our first day we knocked on 150 doors. After the first day I realized that there’s an actual need for our product on the market and I started thinking „why not to go BIG with it?“ After that I decided that we’re going to be a million-dollar-company in a few years.

When the first day was over I felt like a reborn and got to know something what I never knew before. If you knock on that door you never know who’s going to answer you or what that person was doing inside. You have to react within one second and decide how would be the best way to talk and what to say.

We have knocked 350 doors and the worst experience that we’ve had so far was when a 15-year-old girl told me to get off of her property and waved with a hand just like people do to make dogs go away. After that I started thinking „ WTF are you doing Olav? Why are you doing this to yourself? “ After that I sat down and thought I am going to do something else for a while that makes me feel good. I decided to do some phone calls to people who I met few weeks ago at one networking event and schedule appointments. After that I got my first real lesson. That was the reason why I have to knock on these doors – I was 200% confident making these calls and enjoyed every second of it. I enjoyed having a nice good conversation with open-minded people (who I don’t know). It was much easier than knocking on these doors and get pushed away by a 15-year-old. Sometimes you have to do certain things to learn and understand what you have. At this moment I was thinking about quitting but for some reason I decided to stick with my 1000-door-challenge.

I was planning to publish a full post after we’ve knocked on 1000 doors but then decided to do it right away. Why? If I publish it now then we have to finish our challenge 100% and can’t quit!

It’s been a month since my first blog post and I have already almost 1000 followers. Thank you for that. So I am putting it all out here!

To be continued…

Thank you for reading my blog post and have a great day!

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