Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth

What is your value?

Have you ever thought about it? Most of the people never think about it. Their value goes up and down like a boat with no captain on the stormy sea what’s just flying around. They have no control over it. What I’ve understood is that your value comes down only to you. Only you can give yourself a value – lift it or destroy it. Nobody else! Few days ago had conversation about results, progress and commitment. Whatever is your occupation, doesn’t matter what to you do or what have you done but in some points in life you end up in a situations where you do everything what I just mentioned and you don’t hit your goals and you become frustrated, angry and disappointed. These are the moments when you feel like „you’re not good enough and your value starts going down“. Is it really so? You can look it with two different point of views. One is that you didn’t get what you were aiming and you can try even harder and hit it bigger next time. I’ve heard

“It’s the process what builds you. Not the end result.”

That must be true. Secondly what usually happens to most of us is that most of the people think after not hitting that goal “they are not good enough” and their self-esteem starts going down with their value.

Why is this happening and how to avoid it?

How I see it?

I see a value everywhere where is a burning desire to learn, grow and become more. I don’t concentrate what a person has now, I concentrate where is the person going. You have to think about yourself the same way. What do you want to achieve in a long term? Which one has more value in them: an average person who knows a lot and has “most of the answers” or a person who is unstoppable, committed and willing to learn no matter what? But the last one failed in history, English and mathematic… Think about it. If you think about yourself like that then your value can never go down.

You should never say to yourself or even consider thinking about that you are not good enough. You have always been and always will be the best you can if you really get it. You can’t define your value by fitting in. You can define it by standing out. That’s the true courage. Everybody can fit in and stay deep. Don’t need much courage for that.

Where’s the point, what’s my value? If you position yourself in the second part that you are going to be learning and growing then you already know that you are priceless.

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