What's the Right Mindset to Build a Business Without Money?

What’s the Right Mindset to Build a Business Without Money?

You probably came across this article because you are wondering what’s the right mindset to build a business without money? Don’t worry we have you covered. In this blog post we’ll cover all the details you need to know.

How many times have you thought about starting up your own business? Sadly, some people quit before they even begin. Well, most people find themselves in a situation where they are interested in starting up their own businesses but they have little or no money at all. Starting a business may seem exhausting especially when you don’t know exactly where to start. It becomes frustrating when your expectations are not met, and you’re not making any good returns. And before you know it, there’s a persistent urge to quit and play safe. And that is definitely not the mindset you’d want for building your business.

500,000 Business Start-ups and a Natural Response

According to Forbes, approximately 543,000 small businesses start up in the US every month! However, only one third of these businesses are likely to operate for more than 5 years while the others shut down as early as within the first year of opening. Sometimes quitting comes as an instinct. It is actually a natural response by our bodies that is supposed to protect us from any probable pain and frustrations caused by disappointments or unmet expectations. The urge to quit is very natural and very basic as well. This is what holds back most people denying them the great opportunities that lie ahead of them. I remember having some of these moments. Moments when quitting seemed like the only way forward. I had many different thoughts running across my mind. Many times, I wanted to quit just because things seemed like they were not working out the way I wanted.

“The most successful, aggressive and ambitious people fight off the urge to quit.”

They keep going, finding means to live their dreams. Once you are able to overcome the urge to quit every time you want to quit, then you’re certainly halfway through your journey to establishing a successful business.

All in or Nothing

You have probably heard people say that when you go ALL IN, you’ll achieve everything you want. Well, I heard these stories too and went all in multiple times in my life. I went all in with my first business and for many years, I made almost no money at all. After that I went all in with new hope when starting up my second business and that was even much worse as it resulted in more loans. Finally went all in with my third business and ended up selling door to door just to put food on my table. I went all in and I got nothing in return.

And Guess What?

I did not quit. During the third time, I was still very optimistic. I had read very many books about how people who started selling door to door are now making a good fortune for themselves. Sarah Blakely, the founder of Spanx, the shapewear company, started by selling fax machines door to door. Not only is she a billionaire, but also one of the most admired entrepreneurs who started from scratch. Warren Buffett, the third richest man according to Forbes, started out by selling chewing gums, bottles and magazines door to door.

You may have heard of stories when people got extremely rich overnight by accident. This might have happened to some people but how likely is that to happen to you? You have to make your own way and mark it with endless hard work, optimism, struggling to get up whilst eating crappy food and living below your means. You have to be your greatest resource.

I hope you get there after your first attempt. And that would be good for you. Or maybe it will work out for you after your second or third attempt. Well, people out there will always imagine that it was all by luck. And they could be right! You are lucky to make it big after 5 years of grinding your face off. Other people will simply admire what you’ve got, without knowing what happens behind the scenes where you work really hard to meet your goals. Luck does not just happen these days. You have to work and plan for your luck. Most people will not take the path of endless effort and patience. They would crumble under just a little pressure hence denying themselves the opportunity to get “lucky”.

Building a Business Without Money

The best diamonds are made under constant high pressure. Having no money at all can actually benefit you. When you have no money to build a business then you need to be creative and find ways to do more and become more than the guys who have big budgets. Eventually, that mindset will build you a fortune. Constantly looking for ways to be better, do more and earn money for your business when you have no capital is a priceless skill. When you finally start making money, then you are more careful and most likely to appreciate and respect the hard-earned cash before making new investments. And these skills will go a long way into building an indestructible business empire. Start where you are, with whatever you’ve got, and keep going!

Building a business without money only needs the right mindset to do it; persistent, optimistic and unstoppable!
Go for it; survive the no.

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