why to leave overseas

Why to live overseas for a while

I have taken a leap of faith many times in my life and just left everything because something in my head said I just need to go somewhere else and re-invente myself. I believe many of us have felt the same way but a very small percentage of people actually act on their intuition. Sometimes when I get these thoughts I am trying to understand if it’s my intuition or just my crazy mind. Then I try to follow my heart and everything works out.

I’ll give a short overview what happened with my life when I left to Asia last year in October with my girlfriend. I know you’ll get some value so make sure you’ll read it.

Alone time is one of the best times to figure out yourself

Being overseas and in total discovery mode – you don’t use your phone, nobody calls or texts you. Even on Facebook I only got very few messages while I was away.

I believe that it’s totally different spending some quality alone time by yourself overseas than spending at your comfortable home town lying on your favourite couch. Something happens in our brain and thinking. It’s really hard to explain. I’ve been overseas experiencing it many times in Australia, USA and few times in Thailand. It feels like you’ve awaken some part of you brain what you didn’t even know that it existed before.  You’ll start seeing, feeling and thinking about things you never did before.

Best time to read books about your greatest heroes

Alone time is the best time to read books about your greatest heroes who you admire the most and from who you want to learn. I read 10 books in 6 months and don’t even know how many audiobooks and different podcasts I listened. I learnt that you adapt these things way better being overseas with your new thinking mode.

Think about it for a second…

You are overseas. Nobody calls or texts you. You are only doing what you want to do and hanging out with who you want to hang out to. If you don’t want to talk to anybody then just be by yourself. Now you pick the books you want to read. I recommend autobiographies. There’s too many nonsense 3, 5 or 7 step formulas to success books out there that it just makes me sick. Read about people who have accomplished what you want to accomplish and adapt that. Read about their process, pain, struggle and how they finally broke through all that. After reading books or taking a brake you don’t have to go anywhere or meet with somebody, you can just continue thinking about yourself, process and things you want to achieve in life. Nobody it pouring rubbish into your mind from TV, radio, bad friends etc. It’s only YOU!

And here you are – overseas with your books, your time and reinventing yourself. Spending every second in a day on yourself. That’s the best things you can do!

Best time to get your health right

While overseas I lost weight and I came back looking and feeling better than ever before in my life. There’s some magic in the sun and eating right things. Everybody knows it but most people never adapt that. How stupid is that?

While you’re overseas say goodbye to weekend hangouts, social drinking and eating junk food all the time. There’s nobody influencing you to do that. Only person influencing you is you and your books.  I wasn’t eating unhealthy before I left but I did even better when I was overseas.

I am a big believer that “How you do anything is how you do everything”. What’s the point of creating yourself and trying to make a difference if you die when you are 40 or 50 years old because you were unhealthy?

Make your health number one priority while you’re overseas and do some exercise and miracles will happen.

So there I was eating right, thinking right and doing the right things with myself for six months.

How it changed me?

I came back home for few months in the best condition of my life – both financially, mentally and physically. I can’t wait when I am heading back to Los Angeles hopefully at the end of the year. It’s time to let go of your past and do what you’ve always wanted to do. There’s so much you can learn from yourself while you go somewhere overseas by yourself or with your loved ones. Take the leap and do it!

I hope you got some value.

Take care,


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